AC Maintenance in Yuba City, Twin Cities & Maryville, CA and Surrounding Areas

AC Maintenance in Yuba City & Twin Cities, CA - Vardell's Air ConditioningThe leading cause of air conditioner breakdowns is poor maintenance. Few people understand the importance of AC Maintenance in Yuba City, Twin Cities, CA. That is why they spend a lot of money towards AC repairs and replacements. The tried, tested, and proven way to save money is by maintaining your device regularly. Daily air conditioner maintenance takes less than an hour.

Take Care of Your AC Unit

You should show concern for your air conditioner. It serves you well and it is something you acquired at an expensive price. Maybe you are ignoring it because you have not yet seen its value. However, the day it will fail to work you will recognize that it is an extremely crucial system. Take time out of your busy schedule to check the state of your system. If there is dust accumulation, use a wet cloth to remove the dust. Be very careful when dealing with sensitive parts of your system. You do not have to do everything yourself. The assistance of a technician will come in handy. He will unravel things which may be just beyond your understanding.

We Also Offer Second Opinions!

You may think that all is well with your air conditioner until you get the opinion of a technician. Many things happen out of sight. In the background, problems are definitely developing. Professional maintenance identifies these problems making it possible to arrest them before they become complicated. Let an expert inspect and maintain your system annually. Before the yearly maintenance exercise, you should carry out daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance measures. Check the state of the filters regularly. If they are in a deplorable state, replace them.

Vardell’s Expert Techs

The professionals at Vardell’s Air Conditioning will help to prolong the life of your system. They are the go to experts when you need professional and high quality AC maintenance. We maintain thousands of air conditioners in Yuba City, California and we look forward to do business with you.

Did you know 70% of repairs are caused from lack of regular maintenance? You can prevent costly repairs by enrolling in our Preventative Maintenance Plan today.