UV Air Purifiers in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

Excellent UV Air Purifiers in Yuba City, CA

UV air purifiers are appliances that capture air and send it through a filter using UV light technology. Next, the same air passes through a small interior chamber where UV-C light is emitted. Finally, it is purified once more by the UV air purifier before letting it back into the room.

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers

  • According to AC service in Yuba City, CA, the UV-C band effectively kills germs because it can penetrate microbe cell walls and scramble their DNA because of its short ultraviolet UV wavelength.
  • Scientists have known for ages that UV light has germ-killing effects. UV light technology is employed in hospitals. Today, we can use this technology in our homes and businesses to create a safer and healthier indoor environment.
  • A good filter on a typical domestic air conditioning system should trap dirt and dust pollen. However, installing a UV light will reduce and eliminate various allergens and pathogenetic microbes in your home’s indoor air.
  • UV light may be put in wall split systems, cassette systems, floor systems, and ducted air conditioning systems, and it comes in a variety of forms to fit even the most minor areas.

Why are UV Air Purifiers Popular?

It has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in purifying indoor air quality. As a result, it is expected that every home will have one installed in the not-too-distant future.

What More Can People do to Improve the Quality of Their Indoor Air?

  • Source control: The source of indoor air pollution should be identified and eliminated. People can adjust gas burners to limit emissions.
  • Ventilation: To circulate external air, people should open windows and doors and use air conditioners and fans.
  • Air cleaners: To improve indoor air quality, the EPA suggests using air cleaners with a high percentage efficiency rate in conjunction with ventilation and source control.

While UV air purifiers are excellent in removing microorganisms from the air, they also have the potential to generate ozone. If you seek air conditioner repair in Yuba City, Vardells Air Conditioning is your best choice. Call us or drop us a mail to know more about our services.

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