Heater Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

HeatingThroughout the year your utility bills are likely to climb. This is usually due to the buildup of dirt and dust in the heating system. The majority of calls to companies that offer services for heaters are due to the lack of heating tune-up. Avoid this stress by arranging your regular Heater Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities.

Benefits of Tune-Ups

In addition to spending extra cash for repairs to or replacement of a malfunctioning heating system, regular Heater Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities will prevent it from breaking down in the winter season when it is most needed. It is important that the unit is functioning at its optimum efficiency level throughout the winter and into the following season.

Heater tune-up services

Save yourself the hassle and call a technician. This professional will inspect your system and do what is necessary in about one and a half hours. The professional will leave the system refreshed like new following a cleaning and Heater Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities. Some heating tune-up services offered include:

Clean: burner, lower and upper combustion vents, furnace exterior, 1″ filter or replace it if necessary, air vents of blower motor

  • Brush heat exchanger and burner
  • Blow out exchanger and burner
  • If necessary, level and calibrate thermostat
  • Use camera to inspect heat exchanger and furnace
  • Inspect combustible materials, tension of fan belt — make necessary adjustment
  • Lubricate air vents of the blower motor, every moving parts

Measure: supply and return of temperature, blower motor voltage and amperage, gas pressure to determine peak efficiency — adjust if necessary

Test: for carbon monoxide in airflow, for adequate venting from exhaust system, for leaks of natural gas, for accurate burn mechanism of the furnace flame, for correct and safe operation of the ignition system and the control circuits

  • Inspect the electrical wiring throughout the system and tighten where necessary

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