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HeatingHas your heating system been by your side for more than 15 to 20 years? If yes, it may be time to replace the system or upgrade to a more efficient model. Unfortunately, like all machines, heating systems gradually lose their efficiency and end up costing you more in higher energy bills and frequent repairs. 

Fortunately, new innovative models are often introduced in the market, giving you a selection of high-performance options. At Vardell’s Air Conditioning, we believe you only deserve the best. Hence, we offer a range of affordable heating solutions that can help you lower your energy bills and enjoy greater comfort. 

Determining When to Replace Your Heating System

Most heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps can last up to 20 years with only minor heating repairs in Yuba City, CA. On the other hand, heating systems that get used frequently may need more care to perform well in the long run. 

However, no matter the type of heating system or the amount of usage, a unit does not stop working suddenly. If you pay attention, you may notice some signs that indicate an issue with your heater or furnace. The most obvious will be an increase in operating and maintenance costs as your system grows old. Other signs may include:

  • Persistent repairs
  • Abnormally high energy bills
  • Reduced heating output
  • Loud noises during operation

Moderate heating services in Yuba City, CA, may do the trick most of the time, but when you face a substantial repair issue even after years of reliable services, replacing your heating systems becomes the more obvious choice.

At Vardell’s Air Conditioning, we recommend practical solutions to give your family the safety and comfort it deserves. Our team of heating experts invests in ongoing training to keep themselves up to date with the latest HVAC trends and use innovative tools to offer you the most efficient services in the field.

We Replace all Types of Heating Systems.

We come across various types of heaters in Yuba City, CA, and our team of certified and trained technicians can work on them all with ease. Some of the most common heating systems we work with include.

  • Heat pumps: These are some of the most efficient HVAC systems that can heat and cool your home all year round. They do not use fuel to generate and are a leading eco-friendly choice among our customers.
  • Boilers offer hydronic heating by heating water and distributing it via piping. They can be expensive to replace but are worth the price when correctly installed and maintained.
  • Furnace: These are the most commonly found heating systems as you can pair them with a central AC or use it as standalone. We are equipped to service and replace gas, oil, or electric furnaces for efficient and effective operations.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: These are perfect for homes that have no ductwork or no available space for them. We recommend these for our customers who experience inconsistent heating inside their homes.

Ask Heating Replacement Experts.

Want to replace your heating system or wish to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model? Rely on our Vardell’s professionals for the best heating services in Yuba City, CA!

Support For Your Heating Replacement

No matter where you need help with your heating replacement in Yuba City, Twin Cities & Maryville, CA, and Surrounding Areas, the team at Vardell’s Air Conditioning is here to serve you. We can help with the initial decision to decide whether you need a replacement or not, we can help with product selection for your replacement, and we can help with the actual removal of your old system and installation of your new one. Wherever you are in the process, our technicians can lend a hand. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have the best experience possible and you get all of the help that you need.

A Reputation For Quality

If you are looking for a truly personalized and customized experience for your furnace repair in Yuba City, CA Twin Cities & Maryville, CA, and Surrounding Areas, Vardell’s Air Conditioning is the company for you. We get to know your requirements so we can provide a solution that meets all of your expectations every time, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Many companies claim to have the best services available, but we can prove it! If you go to the Reviews section on our website, you can read stories left by our past customers about their experiences with us. This way, you can get a good idea about what it’s like to work with us before you make any commitments! Once you’re impressed with our track record, let us know how we can help you!

WHY Choose Vardell’s Air Conditioning

With so many options in heating replacements in Yuba City, CA, to choose from, it might be challenging to pick the right one. However, when it comes to replacing your old heating system with a new one, no one can understand your needs better than the experts at Vardell’s Air Conditioning. 

If you are still not convinced that we are the company for you, consider the following few compelling reasons to choose our experts for your heating replacement or repairs. 

  • Quality of Work: We understand that furnace repair is not something you want to deal with again anytime soon. That is why we attempt to complete each job as quickly as possible while also guaranteeing customer satisfaction. That is also one of the primary reasons why so many clients prefer our experts for furnace repair.
  • Team of Experts: Our experts have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most challenging furnace problems.
  • Financing Support: We provide excellent financing alternatives on new heating and cooling systems.
  • Experienced and Professional Technicians: Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals is here to help you with furnace replacement and repair.
  • Licensed and Certified: We have a staff of repair professionals who are licensed, insured, and certified, making them fully competent to manage any of your HVAC demands.
  • Free Consultations:  We offer free in-home consultations and estimates. Our consultants listen to your heating needs to provide appropriate heating solutions to you.
  • Custom Designs: We are specialized in custom-designed heating installation to fulfill your heating requirements. Our skilled and experienced specialists will assist you in selecting the best heating model or solution for your home.
  • Budget-Friendly Services: Our customers are our top priority. Therefore, we make sure our furnace repair services are affordable and budget-friendly to our customers.

Contact us

If you are looking for HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA, that provides prompt, trusted, and guaranteed service, contact Vardell’s Air Conditioning today by visiting our website or call us at (530) 674-8674 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Heating be Replaced?

Furnace replacements seldom happen conveniently, and they may be costly for homeowners. By scheduling yearly maintenance visits, homeowners can estimate when their furnace will need significant repairs or replacement from our Heating Replacement Yuba City, CA, allowing them to make informed choices and budget accordingly. According to most manufacturers and heating specialists, the typical furnace and This Old House will need to be changed every 15 to 20 years if properly maintained.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Heating System?

Furnace installation in a residential house might take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours from our Heating Service in Yuba City, CA & HVAC repair in Yuba City CA , depending on the job’s intricacy. In addition, more time may be required to match the new equipment correctly to account for ducting, electrical, or gas line adjustments.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an old Heating System?

Depending on the kind of furnace you pick and the intricacy of the installation procedure, the cost of replacing an old eating system might vary substantially. However, you should budget between $2,000 and $6,000 to replace your old gas heater with a new one.

Can I Change My Heating System?

Yes, you can have a new heating system by calling one of our qualified professionals from our Heating Repair in Yuba City, CA. You should talk to them about the price and kind of heating system you have. In addition, you’ll need a manual to learn how to use your new heating system.

That’s the solution in a nutshell, but we would not be telling you the complete story if that were the end of it. The procedure underlying the replacement is more complicated than many people assume. Understanding that process may help people make better choices for their houses.

What Types of Furnaces are Available?

  • Furnace with a Single Stage
  • Best Furnace with two stages
  • Furnace with Variable Speed
  • Fuel Type Furnaces
  • Gas Furnace 
  • Furnace for oil
  • Furnace using electricity

How Will I Know if it’s Time for a Heating Replacement?

  • Your Computer’s Age
  • Increasing Energy Costs
  • Particles of excessive dust, dirt, soot, or rust
  • Humidity Issues in the Home
  • Rooms are unevenly heated
  • Furnace Noise Increases or Develops Rattles, Buzzes, or Hums
  • There are visual signs of rust or cracks in or around the furnace system.

Should You Turn Your Heating off in the Summer?

Although you are unlikely to need heating during the summer months, it is always suggested that if you intend to shut off your boiler for an extended time, you should switch it on often to avoid the internal workings from seizing to lack of usage.

It just has to be turned on for a few weeks. It doesn’t take much work, but when you consider the alternative – a boiler that fails the first time you use it in the fall – it’s likely to save you a lot of frustration and money.

Call Us To Learn About Our Process

At Vardell’s Air Conditioning, we have a very personalized process when it comes to heating replacement in Yuba City & HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA  Twin Cities & Maryville, CA, and Surrounding Areas. We like to get to know our customers and their unique situations in order to provide solutions that cater to their individual needs. If you’d like to learn about this process, give us a call to talk to an expert today!

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