AC Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

AC Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities - Vardell's Air ConditioningAC Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities is important in both residential and commercial establishments because it helps to improve the efficiency and performance of the system. It also helps to reduce the frequency of breakdowns because problems are identified before a breakdown occurs. Effective AC tune-up can only be offered by professionals who have been in the industry for many years, and worked on hundreds of tune-up jobs. The ideal service provider should also be licensed and certified to offer the service. Vardell’s AC is an HVAC company that meets all these requirements.

AC tune-up Service Explained

During the AC Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities process, our technicians normally start by inspecting the air conditioner for problems. Any water damage, or mold, around the air handler are sure signs of a problem. The team will also turn on the AC to see how it works, after a few minutes, the room temperature should be the same as the thermostat setting. The technicians will also adjust the thermostat downwards and upwards to see if it responds accordingly. The level of the refrigerant in the compressor will also be checked. If the level is depleted, our technicians will plug the leak before recharging the refrigerant. Our team will also clean every single component in the AC, including fan blades, evaporator coils and condenser coils among other things. Before reassembling the AC, the technicians will also clear any clogging in the condensate drain pipe, check electrical connections and replace the air filter.

What to Expect After the tune-up

Once our team is done tuning your system, you can expect it to cool your home or business premise more efficiently. It will also break down less often and consume less power. Vardell’s AC is a licensed HVAC contractor. Our technicians are NATE-certified and factory-trained to service all kinds of air conditioning machines, so you can expect the highest quality AC Tune-Up in Yuba City, CA & Twin Cities from our team.

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