Get The Wintertime AC Advantage With Vardell’s

Get The Wintertime AC Advantage With Vardell’s

air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake, CA

Most Sacramento-area homeowners don’t think about their air conditioning system until the warmest months arrive, and cooling the home is on everyone’s minds. What that means is an over the top demand for services in the summer. The best time to buy an AC unit is hands down during the winter months. Save even more than just the unit costs with these extra tips.

 Why Winter?

Experienced contractors get hit with a demand for work during the summer, so much so, that schedules can fill up. Because demand is lower in winter, technicians are ready to work and customers get the best prices without extra fees and costs. Additionally, the price for new ac units goes lowest because retailers who’ve overstocked for warmer months want to clear out last year’s supply.

Sizing Right Means More Savings

If you’re getting a new AC unit, make sure you buy for the size of the rooms you want to cool. If you get an improperly sized unit, you’ll end up overpaying for energy with a large system or stuck in between comfortable temperatures with a system working overtime to cool too large of an area. Look at the British Thermal Units or BTUs to tell how much power it takes to cool a room. The more BTUs, the more power a unit will use, and the more it will cost to run. Use this guide to determine the correct amount of BTU needed for each room of the home:
  • Small room (100-300 sq. ft.): 5,000 – 6,000 BTU
  • Medium room (250-550 sq. ft.): 7,000 – 8,200 BTU
  • Large room (350-950 sq. ft.): 9,800 to 12,500 BTU
 air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake CA

Ductless or Forced Central Air

A major factor into the cost of your AC unit is the type of system you chose. The best options on the market are ductless units and central air systems. Central air is known for having the broadest appeal to buyers if you decide to sell your home. It’s also the quietest to run of the three options and offers additional savings over the course of a year by thermostat controls. A ductless system also offers energy efficiency over time leading to lower monthly utility bills because it concentrates a constant cooling on the rooms or “zone areas” where the wall units are installed. Upfront, ductless systems cost the most, but they also offer the highest energy efficiency on the market. If you already have ducts in the home, a forced air system will be the most cost effective approach, but you still may want to consider ductless for its’ low maintenance and high efficiency.

Keep Your Cool With Extra Savings Ideas

Here are some more ways to save after you find a well-priced AC unit.
  • Draw blinds and shades when the sun is out to keep extra heat from getting into the home.
  • Keep up on filter changes so your AC runs as smoothly as possible, using less energy and keeping air quality high indoors.
  • Up your thermostat temperature slightly to lower your utilities.
  • Make sure you turn off fans after cooking and showering so they don’t pull in as much warm air from outside.
  • Look into ceiling fans. The circulation of air will make you more comfortable.
These tips will help you get the best price and continue to save, and we’ve got you covered if you need a repair. When you need air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake, CA call Vardell’s Air Conditioning at (530) 674-8674.