How To Know When Your HVAC System Needs To Be Replaced?

heater replacement in Plumas Lake CA Determining whether or not it is more sensible to replace a heating system rather than maintain an older one, can be a difficult decision to make, and this article may be useful to anyone facing this challenge. Although proper maintenance of a system can keep it running smoothly for many years, there are several factors one should take into account in order to minimize cost and maximize performance over a longer period of time. Factors such as life expectancy, maintenance costs, energy efficiency, performance, noise and safety are all important to look at when deciding if a heating system should be replaced. In many cases, the potential for saving money can be quite substantial. Our staff at Vardells AC are well qualified to assist you in any aspect of heater replacement in Plumas Lake CA. Life Expectancy of Heating Systems All heating systems have a lifespan, which will differ depending on the type of system. Like any piece of machinery, components will deteriorate over time, and need to be repaired or replaced, and at some point, the most sensible step will be to replace the system in its entirety. If your system is close to the end of its life expectancy, a replacement may be worth considering – although life expectancy is only an estimate. A system can still work well even long after its ‘expiration date’, so this number is just a guideline. If a heating system requires several repairs within a short time frame, this is usually an indication that it is close to the end of its lifetime. heater replacement in Plumas Lake, CA Energy Efficiency As technology develops, newer equipment is becoming ever more energy efficient, and new efficiency standards are put into place – so generally speaking, any upgrade or replacement should save you money on energy costs. A system will also generally become less energy efficient over time, as components deteriorate from natural wear and tear. Maintenance Costs In terms of considering maintenance costs versus the price of a new installation, it is important to consider the fact that labor costs, as well as the price of parts, both increase over time. Also, ordering parts for older equipment can take longer, possibly leaving you without heating for longer periods of time. Other Factors If the heating system is noisy during use, this can be an indication of it not functioning properly, or even indicate that the initial installation was not set up in the most optimal way. Heating systems may even pose health risks when their parts become worn, such as from gas leakages or the accumulation of dust and particles. What to Look Out For Signs that your heating system may need replacing might be:
  • The system requires several repairs over a short period of time.
  • There is a noticeable decline in performance
  • There is a sudden noticeable increase in energy costs
  • The system is more than 15 years old
  • The system is noisy
Hopefully these tips will help you determine whether or not a new installation is the wisest choice. Feel free to contact us regarding heater replacement in Plumas Lake CA, either by phone (530)-674-8674 or via our Website.