Make Someone Smile at Home with a Welcoming Entryway


Ever notice how all the little things come together when you’re in the best of moods? “The good times” usually happen over a series of events going your way, not just one small incidental thing. When it comes to fostering a happy, inviting home environment, you know it’s more than just the meal on the table at dinner time that puts everyone in a good mood. Here are some tips from Vardell’s AC that not only will complement a well-cooked meal, but set the tone for lots of enjoyment at home this spring. Though our speciality is AC repair service in Plumas Lake, CA, our families are important to us. Setting the home up to be a relaxing and positive environment is sure to get a wide grin from your little ones, a sigh of calm from your spouse, and a comforted welcome to your guests.

  1. Set the stage with your exterior entrance. Make your front door inviting by planting greens that take little maintenance to designate the area as an entry. Greens signal relaxation to guests and provide a transition point.
  2. Place mats both inside and in front of the door. Choose a classic rattan or woven jute for outside that will both stand up to weather and help trap unwanted dirt from the feet of your guests and family before they enter. Place another rug directly inside the door to help catch a second round of trapped dirt on shoes. Here, a colorful cotton rug will warmly welcome everyone home.
  3. Setting up a welcome surprise for family members is sure to bring smiles. Use a vintage platter or serving tray and set up some glasses and a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade on the counter. When your spouse arrives with the kids, invite them to take a seat and relax.
  4. Balance between calm and playful. Your entry shouldn’t look clinical. Avoid stark whites. On the other hand, a super busy and brightly colored room isn’t relaxing. Strike a blend of neutral whites or creams with color to get a playful, yet relaxed tone to the homeVardellsac4
  5. Keep the home comfy and cool. Since everyone coming in will want to cool down from the heat, make sure your air conditioning is set to perform. Change your air filters each month and get an annual maintenance service done. Don’t avoid getting AC repair service in Plumas Lake, CA, instead, keep up on your investment so the tone of your home stays comfortable all season long.
  6. Create a shoe removal bench near your front door. Kicking off shoes will help everyone relax, and it will also cut down on the amount of dirt entering your home.

Vardell’s AC has the experience helping Plumas Lake families keep their homes comfortable year round. See how much more comfortable your family will feel with quality AC repair service in Plumas Lake, CA to maintain that beautiful setting you’ve created. Call us today at (530)-674-8674 to schedule an appointment.