Oct 30, 22 cooler weather was forecasted so it was time to light our 30+ year old furnace, ohoh it would not light, tried to fix it myself with no luck. we had no heat, cold weather coming we needed professional help so we called several HVAC companies who said sorry it will be 3 to 5 day before we can get to you folks….
Vardell’s called back and said we’ll be right over. Their guy showed up, initial trouble shooting indicated it was a bad flame sensor, returned the next morning with a new part, installed it but the furnace still wound not remain lit. More trouble shooting, they got it to light BUT it was determined that the unit was unsafe and a fire hazard if you leave it lit. My thoughts, we’re beating a dead horse so-to-speak, it needs to be replaced. We said OK, The Vardell’s boss came, we said OK replace the hole HVAC system. Vardell’s guys were here the next morning with a new (TRANE) HVAC system in their truck, 4 hours later we had a new HVAC system installed, up and running.
The queen of this castle is one happy camper now.

Peg & Herb Greathouse

Duane was super nice & professional with excellent service! I would definitely recommend this company.

Rebecca M.

Excellent service and very reasonable. It was 105 yesterday when my AC quit , within an hour Duane was there and my AC was fixed!!

Lori M.

Rick has always been great with any kind of service. Highly recommend.

Steven N.

Fantastic customer service!!! Got us in on same day of phone call. Very fast and reasonable!!!! Will definitely be using them again!!!!

Katie O.

Our A/C decided to blow up right in the middle of 100+ temps (of course) and we contacted Vardell’s since they kept our old unit alive over the years. They were in the area and came right over to check it out. Although they felt they might be able to save us some money and salvage the old unit a little longer we decided to replace it. Best move ever…super unit and unbelievably quiet. They fit us into a packed schedule and installed it two days later while two different well known competitors said it would take up to two weeks and both wanted us to buy a furnace as well! Very professional and reasonably priced, but the truth is I hope that I never have to see them again…HA!!!

Bill K.

We had a furnace problem recently, without heat and very uncomfortable.  These guys came right out, very nice and professional.  Got right to the problem and fixed it fast and wasn’t expensive at all.  Pretty happy with this local business and will recommend them and use them in the future.

Tim K.