Why Does Your Furnace Have a Strange Odor?

It’s a bad idea to ignore an odd smell coming out of your furnace. The sooner you address the issue, the sooner you can prevent furnace repairs in Yuba City, CA. Furnaces are an important part of your home, especially in the winter. Not all strange odors are harmful, though one should never ignore them. The smell of your furnace can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. 

Stanger Furnace Smells You Should Know About

If you require a professional to inspect the smell coming out of your furnace, contact  Vardell’s Air Conditioning  for the best HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA.

• Rotten Egg Or A Sulfur Smell.

When you switch on your furnace, it should not smell like rotten eggs or sulfur. This serious issue requires emergency HVAC repair because your house might be having a gas leak.

What causes the smell? As natural gas has no scent, mercaptan, a safe chemical, is added to give it one. This makes locating a gas leak simple. You and your family should leave immediately if there is a natural gas leak because it could result in an explosion or fire that seriously damages your property.

Once you are far enough away from your home to be safe, call the fire department and your power provider for assistance and follow their instructions.

• Dusty Or Musty Smell.

Most likely, the musty or dusty smell coming from your furnace is caused by what you think it is: dust. This smell only comes from a furnace that hasn’t been used for a while and has started to collect dust.

When you turn on your system, the dust is burned off, giving off the musty smell you are currently smelling. To get rid of the dust collected, you should schedule an HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA.

• Car Exhaust Smell.

When you smell furnace exhaust or strong car exhaust in your home, there is likely an issue with how your furnace is vented. Gasses produced during combustion are expelled from your furnace using a vent pipe. If your furnace is high-efficiency, PVC pipe will be used for venting. 

Make sure there are no blockages in the pipe, such as snow, ice, or bird nests. If you don’t, you risk having dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide leak back into your house. Book an appointment with us for  furnace repair in Yuba City, CAto get rid of carbon monoxide as soon as possible. 

• Electrical Wire Burning Smell.

Occasionally, people will smell something like burned plastic from their furnaces if they have not done regular heating service in Yuba City, CA. If you smell burned plastic coming from your furnace, turn it off.

The smell of burning plastic could signal that your furnace is too hot or that electrical wires are melting. This should be looked at right away by an HVAC technician because it could start a fire.

• Smells Like A Locker Room.

Every homeowner has smelled the strange smell of a locker room. Even so, you would never expect your furnace to smell like that. When bacteria builds up on your heating system’s coils, it stinks like a locker room furnace.

The best way to eliminate this unpleasant smell is to clean it. Start by changing the air filter and cleaning the evaporator coils in your unit. If the smell doesn’t disappear, talk to our professional about heating service in Yuba City, CA.

• Smell Like Toxic Fumes.

If your exhaust chimney is partially or fully blocked, bad odors from the exhaust could come back into your home. Check the exhaust system of your furnace carefully and get rid of any blockages as soon as possible.

If your chimney is blocked, carbon monoxide can also build up in your home. Call our specialist for heating service in Yuba City, CA.

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