Why You Need to Sign an Annual AC Maintenance Agreement with a Reputable Contractor

Why You Need to Sign an Annual AC Maintenance Agreement with a Reputable Contractor


Although fewer homeowners tend to notice this, the performance and efficiency of air conditioning systems tends to decline with time. Without proper air-conditioning maintenance Olivehurst, CA services, even the comparatively newer air conditioning systems can become problematic. It is for this reason that you should hire a professional air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance contractor to maintain your system regularly, all year round. If your air conditioning unit has not been maintained by the professionals in the past six months, you need to schedule an appointment with well-trained and experienced heating and cooling technicians, such as the ones we have at Vardell’s AC.

Having a well-maintained system will give you peace of mind because the AC will not only run more efficiently throughout the summer, but is also less likely to break down when you need it the most. Air conditioner maintenance is not all about the dusting and cleaning of the various heating and cooling system components in your home; it comprises of an assortment of services that are meant to improve the reliability, durability, efficiency as well as performance of the unit. Mentioned below are some of the reasons you should sign an annual maintenance agreement with a reputable provider; hence have your AC maintained regularly.

Saves You Money in the Long Run

Air conditioning units are maintained to improve their efficiency and performance. A simple problem like a dirty air filter in your air conditioning unit can impact negatively on its performance, which then lowers its efficiency. If not replaced, the air filter will make you pay higher energy bills this summer because of the reduced efficiency. If you think that failing to have your unity maintained will save you money, you are mistaken. With regular maintenance on the unit, simple malfunctions can be detected and corrected in time. If not corrected, such simpler problems can develop into serious air conditioning problems, which will make you spend more money on repairs and replacement of AC parts. Again, with regular maintenance on your unit by professional air conditioning maintenance Olivehurst, CA services providers, the units will be able to serve you for a longer period without problems. This way, you will not have to replace the AC in your home every now and then.


Improved Reliability and Comfort

An air conditioning system that has not been maintained in the recent past is more likely to develop problems during the summer, as compared to an AC that is regularly maintained. It can be very inconveniencing for your air conditioner to malfunction or break down during the warm summer days. This will definitely affect the level of comfort in your home because you will have to endure the summer heat, without air conditioning in your home, until the unit is repaired or replaced. Again, the summer is a peak season for HVAC contractors. As such, getting a qualified technician to fix the malfunctioning system in time during the summer is going to be a challenge.

As the summer approaches, do not throw caution to the wind; sign annual air conditioning maintenance Olivehurst, CA contract with a trustworthy and qualified contractor and have the system maintained before the summer. Whenever you are in need of qualified, experienced and reliable HVAC technicians, call us at (530) 674-8674.