12 Steps To Winterize Your Heating System

After months of depending on an air conditioning appliance to keep your home cool, the furnace is set to break its hibernation with the beginning of cool winter months. However, this can only happen when you schedule regular furnace repair in yuba city ca, and accurately winterize your heating appliance. 

12 Tips To Winterize Your Heating Device

Replace or Clean The Air Filters

Change or clean the air filters in your furnace appliance at least once every three months, if not more frequently. Changing or cleaning all these filters and putting them on a regular schedule is important, especially because you’ll be running the appliance throughout the chilly season. 

Switch The Furnace Fans

When the winter weather arrives, you must flip the switch on the base of your ceiling fan. Doing this will allow the fan to run in the opposite direction, circulating warm air to your place and lowering your energy bills.

Turn off Your Air Conditioner

Generally, you should turn off the air conditioning unit and shut and lock the window. If removing the machine is impossible, detach it and wrap it with insulation to control heat transmission during the chilly winter months.

Pipe Insulation

Frozen lines during the winter are challenging to repair. Using less hot water and controlling pipe freezing is prudent, and you can achieve this by installing pipe insulation. 

Set Your Thermostat to a Stable Temperature

Homeowners with a smart thermostat should use the winterizing process to change their heating schedules and modify their heating temperature degrees to save funds on their heating bills. 

Check to See Whether Your Heating Device is Functioning Properly

A professional HVAC specialist from our heating services can clear the dust and dirt accumulated inside the unit and most likely create issues with your machine.

Find and Seal Cracks

Air leaks can drain your home’s power efficiency. Still, thankfully, a caulk pistol and a few lines of caulk combination make an affordable fix in numerous cases, perfectly winterizing your heating unit. 

Install Storm Doors And Windows

If your existing door or window is older and slightly insulated, installing an Energy Star-certified storm window or door may enhance your home’s power efficiency.

Check Evaporator Coils And Condensate Lines

Dirty evaporator coils in your heating unit can cause condensate lines to block and back up, inducing water deterioration in your home. So to better winterize your furnace, it is better to call professionals for regular service. 

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

The maintenance job performed during a tune-up will help reduce the possibility of a breakdown in the subsequent winter and update your machine’s relative fitness and power efficiency.

Clean The Gutters

Ice accumulation and damming in your drains can force them to pull away from your home and water to collect. However, you can reduce the possibility of this outcome by cleaning your gutters and removing leaves and other obstructions. 

Schedule Heating Service in Spring

While winterizing your heating system, make an appointment with the professionals to have your furnace serviced again in the spring. 

With temperatures constantly falling, get heating repair in Yuba City, CA, as soon as possible. Get expert assistance in winterizing your appliances by contacting our Vardell’s Air Conditioning professionals. To learn more, call us at 530-674-8674