5 Signs You Need An Air Conditioner Service

Everyone enjoys Summers in different ways. Some wait for the heat to enjoy outings and drinks with friends. Others may like staying at home. But the one common need of all is a reliable air conditioner. To help bear the scorching heat, you cannot rely much on the regular ceiling fans or coolers.

That is why it is necessary to keep the AC ready and serviced even before the weather approaches. While there is no fixed time for a service, failing to do so can set you up for disappointment when the temperature is at its peak.

Have no clue when to get an AC service in Yuba City, CA?

5 Signs your Air Conditioning system needs service

  • Airflow changing for the worse: If you have to keep increasing the AC fan speed, again and again, it might be time for service. The dust and pollutants can clog the air filter. In turn, it results in poor airflow. Additionally, it also causes a hike in your power bill. The dust can even cause health problems like respiratory issues, hay fever, among others. It is thus important to get the AC checked by professionals timely.
  • Thermostat issues: Discrepancy between the outdoor and indoor temperature suggests that the thermostat needs checking. Also, if you face a problem turning on your AC, it can be due to excessive dust affecting the thermostat. Moreover, dead batteries or a wiring issue can also be the reason behind the malfunctioning. It is best to go for service if these issues arise in your AC.
  • Humidity or bad odor: If there is a strange, peculiar smell coming from your room with the AC, get it serviced without thinking twice. Among many reasons, the smell can be caused simply due to an insect or rodent crawling in the air ducts from the outside or poor drainage. While the former contaminate your home’s airflow, the latter also causes excess humidity. In case of either or both of these signs, your AC needs a service and maybe even pest removal.
  • Unusual sound: If turning on or off your air conditioner is causing a strange noise, it is time for the servicing. The reasons behind the same can be a malfunctioning of the fan blower or blade. The solution can range from tightening the screws to even replacing the fan blades. This calls for an expert’s inspection.

Leakage: If your air conditioner is leaking, it is a sign that it requires service without any doubt. While other signs might be somewhat subtle, this is evident as well as potentially harmful, thus requiring your instant attention. The reason behind the same can be a refrigeration leak that requires an expert inspection. The other reasons can be poor drainage, incorrect installation, blockage in drain channels, clogged air tubes, and/or air filters.

If you find any of these signs causing issues to your air conditioner, get in touch with experts for AC service in Yuba City, CA, by calling for an appointment with a technician from Vardell’s Air Conditioning today!