9 Expert Solutions For A Furnace That Is Blowing Cold Air

HVAC systems provide a comfortable and convenient environment when the outside weather takes a dip. It’s important that household owners know some basic quick fixes to avert costly repairs. When you do need to call the professionals for furnace repair in Yuba City, CA, contact Vardell’s Air Conditioning to get the job done right. 

Possible Reasons Why The Furnace System Is Blowing Cold Air

According to our heating repair in Yuba City, CA, here are some reasons that cause the malfunctioning: 

  • The furnace system stops blowing warm air due to incorrect thermostat settings. 
  • Clogged air filters are one of the reasons why most problems begin in the first place. Dust and dirt accumulated on the air filter can disturb the airflow, and the furnace system does not get ample air to deliver appropriate services. 
  • The condensate drain gets clogged due to increased dust and debris material in the system. The furnace system shuts down temporarily if the condensate drain is blocked. 
  • The pilot light helps to provide the necessary spark to start the combustion of the gas in the burner. According to our heating service in Yuba City, CA, if you cannot see the pilot light glowing, probably that’s why your furnace system is not working. 
  • The furnace system will work improperly if inadequate gas is burned in the combustion chamber. So, insufficient gas supply might be the reason. 
  • Ducts play an integral role in connecting the furnace system to the indoors and delivering warm air to the surroundings. However, the air can escape if there is leakage in the path. So, you might think the furnace system is not working, but it is working perfectly. However, there is a diversion in the air path.

Nine Quick Solutions You Can Try To Fix Your Furnace System!

According to our experts for furnace repair in Yuba City, CA, here’s how you can try to fix your furnace system: 

  • Ensure the thermostat is in auto mode. The blower fan runs continuously if the furnace is in on mode. 
  • Replace the batteries if you have not replaced them for a long time.  
  • If you bought a new thermostat, call our heating service technician in Yuba City, CA, to confirm whether the thermostat is compatible with the furnace system. 
  • Replace the air filter, or you can clean the air filter if you have a washable air filter. 
  • Ensure the furnace interior and condenser coils are clean. Scrub the dust with dish cleaning soap accumulated over the coils. 
  • Open the lid of the condensate damage, and use a torch to see where the blockage is in the drain. Take a long brush and remove the blockage. 
  • You can relight the pilot light if you cannot see the pilot light glowing. According to our experts for heating repair in Yuba City, CA, one should be cautious while igniting the pilot light.   
  • Ensure you have not closed the gas valve that has stopped the gas supply. If you hear a hissing noise from the gas pipe, call the technician immediately because there is a leakage. 
  • If everything looks good, visually inspect the duct system. Contact the heating service in Yuba City, CA, if you find a dent or massive hole in the duct system. 

To Conclude

Most times, quick-fix solutions should work and fix your furnace system, but if they do not repair the issue, you should immediately contact a professional HVAC technician. It could be a sign that something is troubling your furnace system that might also start affecting the other components functioning. 

To resolve any of your HVAC needs, call Vardell’s Air Conditioning at (530) 674-8674. Our technicians will promptly resolve the issue and bring back the comfort you deserve.