Ductless vs. Traditional Cooling Options in Olivehurst, CA

Ductless vs. Traditional Cooling Options in Olivehurst, CA

air conditioning installation in Olivehurst, CA

Deciding your next move on cooling the home? Get the lowdown on ductless and central air conditioning installation in Olivehurst, CA As our Sacramento area winter comes to a close, it’s a good time to start thinking about updating the air conditioning in your home. This guide will help you, whether you’re moving into a new condo or looking to update a ducted system in your home. Figure out which system makes the most sense for your budget and lifestyle.

All About Ductless Systems

You’ve probably seen a ductless system before in an office or hotel room, these systems are rapidly becoming the new trend in home cooling because of their quick installation and savings over time. As their name implies, ductless systems require no vents and are installed into the walls of the home. There are two parts, the wall-mounted rectangular unit installed in a room or “zone” of the home and an outside compressor system that conditions the air. For older buildings with thicker walls or smaller places, ductless systems make a lot of sense. A small hole of about 3 inches into the wall connects the wall unit conduit with the outside system. A major advantage of a ductless split system is the ability to focus the air conditioning to the rooms or areas of your home that you use the most. While a forced air system pumps air throughout the home with little control of where it concentrates, a ductless system keeps an area consistently set to the temperature of your choosing. Ductless systems also provide an environmentally friendly option, they are generally the most efficient cooling systems on the market and rely on a non-ozone-depleting coolant. Because of their high efficiency, many homeowners save big on utilities over time while decreasing their carbon footprint. With this option, you can expect to continue to save and get value next winter because a ductless system also heats the home by pulling warm air outside and moving heat into its room or “zone”. These systems are also quieter than the regular on and off hum and fan noises of traditional forced air systems.

The Disadvantages of Going Ductless

As a newer system, it’s harder to find the experienced, talented installation expert you need to get the most out of ductless. If the wall unit isn’t placed in the optimal spot to move air around the room or the unit is too large or small for the area, you won’t get the value and functionality offered by ductless systems. Also, the aesthetics of wall mounted units might not go with your style. Central air is virtually unnoticeable but these units can disrupt the flow of a room design. The initial investment is also higher with ductless, so expect to spend more initially and wait longer for a return on the energy savings. air conditioning installation in Olivehurst CA

Understanding Forced Air or Traditional AC

Central air conditioning uses a compressor unit, often installed outside, that pushes cold air through ductwork and registers around the home. For someone who wants a consistent temperature throughout the house, forced air is the best route. It’s also generally considered a better option for home sale values as some buyers may be picky about the look of ductless units on the walls. Forced air systems circulate cool air around the home, losing some of the cooling in the process. The same air runs back through return vents around the home. You’ll hear light fans working as the system cycles on and off as temperatures change. Modern air conditioning systems are much more efficient than their ozone-depleting older counterparts. And if you already have ducts and vents in the home, upgrading to a newer AC unit is much less expensive than switching to a ductless cooling system.

Downsides to Forced Air Conditioning

As a homeowner, expect a little more maintenance responsibility. You’ll need to change filters and also do an annual maintenance. You can also experience efficiency issues like with the ductless system if the size of your air conditioning unit isn’t correct. When you’re making the decision to invest in air conditioning installation in Olivehurst, CA call Vardell’s Air Conditioning at (530) 674-8674.