How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

During the freezing winter months, your energy bills will rise as you’ll be using your HVAC system more frequently. Heating service experts in Yuba City, CA, advise that there are ways to achieve a cozy home while saving money and decreasing your dependence on your heating system, which is something every homeowner looks forward to.

Tips to Keep Your Home Cozy

The following tips will help you save money while keeping your house comfortable;

• Check Your Thermostat

A furnace’s thermostat plays an important role in its operation. It ensures efficiency while regulating temperature. Dirt and dust can also reduce efficiency and lead to uneven temperatures if the calibration is improper. 

Make sure your thermostat is regularly calibrated by experts and kept clean. It is important to remember that a thermostat has complex electrical connections that should only be inspected by a professional for heating service in Yuba City, CA.

• Install a Smart Thermostat

Your HVAC system won’t achieve peak performance and efficiency if you adjust the temperature multiple times throughout the day. To help save energy whenever you use your heating system, consider replacing your manual thermostat with a programmable one. After you configure it to your desired temperature settings for certain times or days of the week, it will adjust the temperature accordingly.

• Check the Control Valve

The control valve should be checked immediately if your furnace has trouble starting up or producing heat. Gas flows to the furnace through this valve. A shut-off indicates that there is no gas coming to the furnace. Therefore, no heat is generated. Keep checking the control valve when you don’t see any heat coming out.

• Increase your Insulation

It is common for warm air from your heater to escape through cracks and rifts in your home’s ceilings and doors. This issue can easily be resolved by increasing the insulation in your home. Additionally, you can inspect your walls before winter arrives and schedule cavity wall insulation to keep your place insulated and reduce your heating costs.

• Check the Furnace Before Using it

You must inspect your furnace every year before using it as it might have some problems due to being dormant for many months. HVAC repair experts in Yuba City, CA, advise cleaning your furnace before using it.

• Clean your Furnace Regularly

It is a well-known fact that not cleaning your furnace regularly can have harmful effects. Ultimately, it can cause your furnace to shut down, reset, or short-cycle frequently. Due to dust and dirt, your furnace’s air filter, burner, flame sensor, and pipelines can become dirty. 

When your air filter is dirty, your furnace will have a harder time producing heat. The result will be a rapid rise in your electricity bill. Keep your furnace efficient by cleaning it occasionally. You can also maintain your family’s health by cleaning your furnace since a clean furnace won’t circulate dirt and dust.

• Oiling the Motor

A constantly moving motor leads to a lot of wear and tear. Make sure they are well-oiled and lubricated to preserve and extend their lifespan. Maintain the motor’s performance by adding oil. Take the help of a professional for HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA, in case of any trouble.

• Keep the Furnace off During Spring and Summer

Spring and summer have warm temperatures, so you don’t use your furnace frequently. Keep the furnace off during these seasons to ensure its efficiency and maintain its optimal condition. The furnace should be cleaned and serviced during these seasons.

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