Just How Necessary Is A Heater Replacement?

Over time, water heaters may break down and would need to be replaced. But the question is, how long do you have before this happens? When is heater replacement necessary?


Damage may come through time. The longer the heater has been used, the more likely it has developed damages. On average, a tank type heater will last 8 to 10 years. Electric heaters have the same lifespan.  Gas heaters on the other hand, last for an average of about 6 to 8 years, slightly shorter than the previously mentioned heater types.

Rust and Corrosion

Water heaters are generally prone to rust and corrosion buildup, especially those that are made of steel. While it’s a little difficult to examine the presence of rust and corrosion from within the system, there may be a lot of indications that may be easy to notice such on face value. Rust in the hot water, corrosion found in relief valves, and in other water connections.

Unable to drain

Through gravity, even the lightest of sediments settle and build up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment buildup can break down the interior of the tank and may even clog the draining valve. The ideal prevention in this case is a regular water heater flushing every year.

Leaking tank

The next step to be taken after detection of leaking is usually directly the heater replacement. Leaking is commonly caused by internal problems. This problem is rarely repaired as the damage is usual internally. Leaks most often result in replacements.

Water is not hot enough

With the use of a water heater, water should be hot. If it isn’t, then that’s the most obvious sign that it may have a problem. It’s troublesome to have heater issues when you need them most. Worry not though! There are companies like vardellsac.com that can easily take care of your heater troubles with no hassle at all. Give our friendly experts a call now! Vardell’s, the trusted name.