Residential HVAC Trends: The Basics

In the entire U.S. residential sector, space heating is the biggest end-use, which accounts for around 40% of the whole residential energy usage. The nitty gritty of the industry is continually enhanced to ensure that better outcomes will be enjoyed by homeowners. They are noteworthy residential HVAC trends that should always be remembered.

Rightsizing for High-Performance Buildings

Since more energy-efficient houses are now built, contractors already need guidance in stipulating the best system for homes. As of now, little to no guidance is present in terms of designing and selecting the right system for each household. There has to be a uniform standard and approach regarding the equipment to be used for all types of residences.

Growth of Geothermal

Geothermal heating and cooling have risen in the U.S. market. We can expect the industry to continually flourish. Geothermal heat pumps as renewable energy sources are sure to continue supporting the world’s need for energy. Because of its potential in decreasing costs and promoting clean energy, this trend is bound to last.

Growth of Mini Split Heat Pumps

Before, ductless mini-split heat pumps were just considered home extras. Now, they’re already viewed as a total solution with an outdoor system that can cover a maximum of 8 indoor units. This is a very flexible method that addresses issues of heat pumps, like the loss of heating capacity during sub-freezing climates.

Growth of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating systems have rapidly grown in the past years. It can supplement entire house heating and also offers further comfort in your bedrooms and master bathroom. With this hydronic radiant floor heating system, warm water gets pumped via a process called tubing. This transfers heat through the flooring. Any fuel can be used for it, such as propane, natural gas, electricity, geothermal or solar heat pumps. If you are planning to set up or upgrade your heating system at home, it’s best to call the experts like our team at Vardells AC. The right service provider can get the job done seamlessly and with the utmost integrity. Vardell’s AC, the leaders in innovation.