Setting up your home for springtime romance

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Now that spring is fully in bloom, it’s a good time to bring the levity and renewal of the season to your home. Imagine the happiness and fun you can bring to your spouse with a few small changes in your day to day routine. Do something special for the person you love most with these playful ideas from Vardell’s AC. While our expertise is in installation and air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake, CA, these tips are sure to bring some romance into your home.

  • Give a hotel spa look to the bedroom. Some of the most carefree and romantic times most people recall are on honeymoons and vacations. Why? Stress is washed away when you’re in a space that’s clean and free of distractions. The bed is made when you walk in the door, and there’s no clutter to be found. Everything is crisp, fresh, and airy. Emulate this effect by starting with a clutter sweep. Put out fresh towels and take the time to fold them nicely onto the rack. Wipe down surfaces. Put a small budding flower in a vase on the bedside table. Make the bed with a duvet cover that makes it easier to avoid clumps of cotton. Hang up and fold clothes where they belong and make sure there are no bits of receipts, loose change, or bills hanging around. Open the window to let in a little light and turn the sheets down.
  • Make some small mementos of your love. If you’re feeling really romantic after setting up the spa hotel bedroom look, add a love note with a short message like, “thinking of you today” to your spouse’s pillow or nightstand. Other sweet ways to show you care are to write a post-it note and place it on the bathroom mirror or put a small card into his or her lunchbox or briefcase before the workday. Taking time to write something personal is rare these days, and will go a long way if your partner appreciates sentimental surprises.
  • Plan a throwback date night. If you had a first date spot you haven’t visited for a while, take your spouse out to create new memories there.

Vardell's Air Conditioning

  • Keep the home cozy for spontaneous fun together and better moods all around. Keep up on maintenance and air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake, CA because day to day comfort makes a huge difference in our everyday lives. You and your partner will be happier and more relaxed with the AC running smoothly than if you’re both overheating and grumpy.
  • Try something new. Go to a new place for your next date and branch out together as a couple.

These ideas are fun ways to bring romance into the home. If you need air conditioning repair in Plumas Lake, CA, give Vardell’s AC a call. Call us today at 530-674-8674 to schedule an appointment.

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