Top 7 Warning Signs That You Need a New Furnace This New Year

HVAC appliances cannot speak our language, but they can communicate through malfunctioning signs. As the owners, you should know which sign means what to understand your appliance better; the same goes for a furnace.

Various owners continue using their old furnaces through furnace repair in Yuba City, CA, but this can threaten your safety. Here are the obvious signs you need a new furnace this season:

  1. Your furnace has already crossed its expected number of working years. No furnace can work for more than it was manufactured for, even if you spend thousands of dollars on its servicing’s.
  2. Your energy bills increase each month. You may notice minor gaps between the energy bills of two consecutive months, but if the gap continuously increases for no apparent reason, it is a sign to buy a new furnace.
  3. Your furnace demands frequent repair jobs. A repair job annually is usual for efficient furnaces, but if the number rises, your furnace faces frequent internal problems.
  4. Your furnace is noisy. Efficient furnaces do not make loud noises while working.
  5. Your thermostat frequently malfunctions. A thermostat should understand your temperature preferences and work accordingly, but your furnace needs to go if this does not happen.
  6. The burner flame is of the wrong colour. A healthy burner flame is blue, not yellow or other colours.
  7. Your system short-cycles a lot. Short cycling is not a common problem in furnaces, and the systems that face this problem need serious attention. However, if the system is old, it is better to replace it.

You need a trustworthy HVAC company to help you understand the working of your furnace and which new model to purchase this season. Vardell’s AC is glad to assist you with HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA, and surrounding areas. We are available for contact at (530) 674-8674 and at [email protected].