The Need For AC Repairs Will Increase In California This Spring

The Need For AC Repairs Will Increase In California This Spring

air conditioning repair in Marysville CA Springtime in California signals the start of longer days and storm season. For us here at Vardell’s that means an increase in the number of customers needing repairs, this can be a tricky time for us all. I mean there isn’t much you can do to protect your AC unit from the weather, if it’s not an outdoor housed unit itself, it’s the vents and ducts on your roof that are at risk. The good news is that nearly all modern AC equipment is built to withstand most hail and storm damage, but with so many small bits of debris flying around your yard, it’s no surprise that buildups and running errors can occur. The main thing you want to be sure of if you need an air conditioning repair in Marysville, CA this spring is that you get the best possible service.

Beware Of Bad Weather AC Repair Scams

A rise in bad weather is notorious for bringing out under qualified technicians and standard repairmen trying to cash in on your misfortune. Below we’ve outlined a few of the most common repair problems that are easily fixable by our professional team and how we will go the extra mile to ensure that your AC is back up and running as quickly as possible – after all, the perfect weather for a storm is often pretty humid and the additional checks and processes we’ll do during your air conditioning repair in Marysville, CA to make sure your unit is fit to function whatever the weather may bring in future. air conditioning repair in Marysville, CA

Storm Damage That Needs To Be Handled By A Professional

The first thing to be aware of after or during a storm is that your AC unit may experience power outages. These are fairly common, but it’s often after these incidents that many find their system is not functioning as usual or not at all. If you suspect a power issue may be at fault beyond tripping the switch and breaker in your electrical box you really shouldn’t try to look into the internal wiring of your AC yourself. Post-storm there could be any number of things caught in the system and rainwater and high winds can cause parts to breakdown. Other things that may result in you needing one of our professional AC technicians include dents and breaks to the unit itself, if you suspect damage to the casing or internal workings of your system it’s better to call for assistance as without the right tools you may worsen the issue or hurt yourself and we don’t want that! When you come to us for your air conditioning repair in Marysville, CA you can expect a full assessment of the function of your system to ensure your unit is fully optimized and in good shape, many technical faults and running errors can appear after a storm and while some are quick fixes, others involve a full calibration of your central air to get it back on track. The last thing you want is to try every button and go from AC that isn’t working as usual to an air conditioner that’s totally broken down due to pushing the wrong buttons. If you spot a problem it’s best to contact us ASAP so we can stop it from escalating to an emergency should another storm hit. Contact us on (530) 674-8674 to schedule your repair today.