Top 5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips

Today, one can hardly imagine living in a home without an optimal HVAC system. To keep this system running smoothly, you will want to undertake some preventive maintenance every fall and spring. So, to help you along, here are our top 5 maintenance tips for your HVAC system:

1. Understand Your HVAC Model

The better you know about your HVAC system, the more comfortable it will be to maintain. You can read the manufacturer’s manual, visit the product website, or ask your AC contractor in Yuba City, CA, any questions you have. This will help you quickly identify visual signs or sounds that indicate a problem, following which you can schedule an HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA.

2. Replace Your Air Filters

You can also optimize your HVAC system by cleaning or changing its filters. Usually, we recommend replacing your filters every 1 to 3 months to improve the indoor air quality and reduce energy usage. However, you may have to change them more often if it’s allergy season or if you have pets. 

We also recommend getting filters with a MERV rating between 7 and 13 for an excellent balance between filtration ability and maximum airflow.

3. Let Your HVAC Unit Breath

The vents in your HVAC indoor unit play a vital role in filtering and distributing clean air indoors. Leaving a clutter around your indoor unit restricts air circulation and reduces system efficiency. Furthermore, stuff around the indoor unit can become a trip and a fire hazard, making it harder to perform an HVAC repair in Yuba City, CA.

The same goes for the HVAC outdoor unit. We recommend keeping at least 2 feet of the area around the outdoor unit clear of trees, shrubs, and tools to prevent your system from overworking to maintain the right air conditions.

4. Keep an Eye on the Thermostat

Consider the thermostat as the brain of your HVAC system. It coordinates your HVAC units, maintains the desired temperature, and prevents system overuse. We recommend installing a programmable thermostat which will relieve you from the hassle of setting the temperature every time. Preprogram the temperature for different times of the day, sit back, save money and make your HVAC unit last longer.

5. Book Regular Professional Maintenance

Apart from these general maintenance tips, we recommend scheduling two seasonal HVAC tune-ups annually: one in the spring (for the air conditioner) and one in the fall (for the heater). During each visit, our HVAC expert will:

  • Clean the coils.
  • Inspect the refrigerant levels.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts.
  • Check furnace operation.
  • Check and vacuum blower compartments; and more.

Implementing these few tips goes a long way to prolonging your HVAC system’s life. Eventually, however, your system’s energy efficiency will dwindle, and it will need more frequent repairs. You can rely on hiring only the best AC contractor in Yuba City, CA. At Vardell’s Air Conditioning we deliver some of the best HVAC maintenance and repair services. Go ahead and get in touch for more HVAC tips or schedule a service here.