What To Expect From A Heater Tune-Up

One of the most recommended ways of reducing the damage, breakdowns, and malfunction of a heater is with annual, scheduled Heater Tune-Ups. As with any other equipment, the life of a heater can be prolonged with the help of preventative maintenance which most importantly includes regular cleaning and inspection for possible problem areas.

  • Full inspection

The service must include a complete visual review of the system. A professional service technician is able to point out problem areas, underlying problems, and signs of deterioration during this step.

  • Lubrication

An experienced professional gives importance to the health of the system and should, therefore, be able to perform measures to protect the system, specifically, the lubrication. All mechanical equipment that will be used in this process must be lubricated to prevent friction and damage to the operating parts. Complete lubrication should be of top priority.

  • Evaluation

The pilot and gas pressure must be evaluated and must be adjusted according to the necessity. These elements have to be returned to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Replacement

All tune-up procedures include filter replacement. It must be at least a standard 1”. Some furnace filters need to be replaced every month, while others only require replacement every 3 months. It depends on the kind of the furnace. Nevertheless, regular replacement of filters is a necessity.

  • Assessment

An HVAC company must provide written analysis. If not, it should be seen on the receipt.  The report needs to include their professional suggestions for the next year. This is very essential in identifying the current condition of a heater system.

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