12 Fun Facts That Will Surprise You About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems are an integral part of your house. It provides instant relief from the scorching heat of the summer months. Coming back home from a long day at work and feeling the cold air in your house is the comfort that everyone desires. You might not have noticed, but the AC units make summers bearable. Not only homes but air conditioning systems let us work, shop, and even watch our favorite movies in peace. An AC service in Yuba City, CA, is just a call away if the system breaks down. So, here are some fun facts about this significant innovation of air conditioning that makes our life easier and comfortable every day:
  1. The first-ever air conditioner was introduced by Willis Carrier. His motive was never comfort but to cancel the humidity levels. Working in a publishing company, he needed to keep the ink from running and the paper from expanding.
  2. When air conditioners were not invented, the architects designed buildings and homes with high ceilings, landscaping, and porches to provide shade to keep the residents cool.
  3. John Gorrie, a Floridian doctor, is known as the Father of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. In 1842, he made an ice-making machine to provide cool air to his patients.
  4. The invention of air conditioning has made it possible to preserve and develop medicines. They need to be kept under a certain temperature to be studied.
  5. Movie theatres were among the first places to get the air conditioning services installed, even during the Great Depression. In the 1930s, many theatres began releasing movies because the people gathered to watch them in a cool place during the summers. This gave the name “summer blockbuster”.
  6. Due to air conditioning, humans have become accustomed to living in a cold environment. This has reduced the natural tolerance to heat in them.
  7. The amount of annual energy used by the U.S. to power air conditioners is equivalent to the energy used by the entire continent of Africa annually.
  8. Before the introduction of air conditioning systems, the schools or other industries would completely shut down to avoid working in the summer heat. But the schools continued with the practice even after the AC units came into being.
  9. Due to air conditioning, the chances of dying in extreme heat have fallen more than 80% over 50 years.
  10. The air conditioning systems don’t just cool your place but also take out humidity. So, if your AC unit needs an inspection, then go for an AC repair in Yuba City, CA.
  11. A person who wanted to buy an in-window air-conditioning system in the 1940s would have to spend $350. This amount in today’s dollars is $3,500.
  12. The first president to enjoy air conditioning was Herbert Hoover. He spent $30,000 to get an AC unit installed in his office.
Now that you know some surprising facts about air conditioning that is such a big part of your life, we are here to help you with an AC service in Yuba City, CA. Call (530)-674-8674 or drop us a request on the website to book our services.