Air Conditioning Repair- 5 Things You Need to Know

As the summer approaches, surviving the hot weather starts seeming next to impossible. More so, without an air conditioner at disposal. But while you effortlessly stay inside, all calm and cool in an air-conditioned room, the AC unit is working hard in the blistering weather. It can get very frustrating to have an AC incapable of working efficiently, leaving you little to no choice instead of bearing the heat. Thus, it is only possible to enjoy the air conditioning with proper care and maintenance.

Before calling in for air conditioner repair in Yuba City, it is important to know the basics of AC repair. To make sure your tranquillity is not disturbed, read about these five things you need to know about air conditioning repair:

  • Warm air or issue with the pressure

If your AC is blowing air with less pressure or blowing warm air instead of cooling, the AC unit’s filter is not working well. It not only fails at cooling the room but also opens the gate for germs and allergens. It badly impacts both the home’s air and the whole AC unit. For tackling this, check the following to prevent the need for frequent repairs:

  1. The last time you changed or replaced the AC filter
  2. Whether the filter is the right size for the AC unit
  3. Whether the filter is clean
  • Thermostat settings

Wrong thermostat settings can also cause the malfunctioning of your AC. Always make sure that the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is less than 20 degrees. It will ensure good health for both you as well as your AC, giving time for adjustment. On the contrary, when the temperature difference rises that level, it causes too much pressure on the AC unit.

  • Ice build-up

If you notice a build-up of ice inside your AC unit, it is a sign of compromised airflow. Also, it can indicate a poorly working fan. Ultimately it negatively impacts the performance of your AC and causes the freeze up. On a personal level, you can try setting your AC unit to the fan setting. It can melt the ice. If the problem persists, your AC might have a coolant problem. A professional service is required to prevent both of these issues in the future.

  • Malfunctioning outdoor AC unit

People often ignore the very part of an HVAC system that is exposed to the scorching heat, the outdoor AC unit. Not to make this mistake, ensure:

  1. Keeping a check on the fins of the outdoor AC unit’s condition
  2. Getting any dirt or debris cleaned up in time
  3. Not letting the centre electrical equipment get wet while washing or cleaning the fins thoroughly
  • Resisting from calling the professionals

Of all the things that can go wrong, ensure the apprehensiveness about calling HVAC professionals should not become the problem. By doing so, you not only keep the root cause unresolved but also invite more problems in the future. If you do not wish to lower the life expectancy of your AC, call us for quality air conditioner repair in Yuba City. In the hands of the professionals at Vardell’s Air Conditioning, your AC will be good to go in no time.