Quick Warning Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

An essential part of life in winters is the water heater. Imagine a day without a water heater, even imagining this gives chills. The heater is essential for daily activities like washing, showering, doing dishes etc. A broken water heater can stun you every chilly morning. Therefore the health of the water heater should be monitored from time-to-time. Most of the time the water heater stops working because of sudden electrical faults but sometimes aging lowers its efficiency too.

When to replace your water heater can be a question. Here are the few signs that will tell you whether to replace it or it can still be saved and repaired:

  • If  the switch is turned ON, the heating light indicates ‘heating’ but still there is no hot water in the tap or there’s hot water for a short period of time before it turns cold, do some inspection yourself, before calling the professionals.
  • Check the thermostat settings, sometimes when the system is restarted the thermostat settings get reset. Try setting the temperature there and wait for a while. If the problem persists, call for professional help. Vardell’s AC deals in heating replacement and heating repair in Yuba City, CA, at (530) 674-8674. We would love to serve you.
  • Failure of the heating element can cause such problems too. In this case, the heater looks completely fine from outside but the heating filament stops working to heat water. In a normal water heater, there’s a coil that is known as a heating filament, it heats the water by using electrical energy.
  • In gas-operated water heaters, burner pores can get blocked resulting in similar issues. These heating elements are located in the body of the water heater hence, require professional attention.
  • If there are heating issues just when the temperature is really low, then a coating of insulation on the water pipes is the solution. The capacity of your heater also comes into the picture as a few liters of water cannot be used for multiple tasks.
  • There is no process in the water heater that possibly makes loud noises. Still, if you hear some kind of weird never-heard-before kind of noise. It might be time to replace your water heater.

Professionals might fix the above-mentioned problems but there are bigger issues that point only towards replacement, like:

  • An electrical/gas heater has a life span of around 8-10 years. It is highly recommended that after that span, it should be replaced rather than spending bucks on its repairing.
  • If the heater starts rusting due to aging from inside, it should be discarded.

The best decision can be taken by a professional from a genuine company, who will direct you towards the right path. Don’t take any chances; get your heater inspected by the ones who understand the mechanism. If there’s any hesitation, feel free to contact Vardell’s AC heating repair and heating replacement in Yuba City, CA, at (530) 674-8674.